Individual Coaching Program


My Individual Coaching Program is designed specifically for you.  Each session is conducted face-to-face or via Zoom and will last 60 to 90 minutes.  In addition to our time together, I will ask you to initiate practices that may include reading, journaling, reflecting, and personal or inter-personal activities.  We will adjust this “homework” as the coaching progresses. A coaching program will take between three months and one year.

I only have a few coaching slots every year and I take clients by referral only.

Executive Team Journey


I design and curate Executive Team Journeys for a small number of corporate clients with ambitious objectives and a genuine appetite for self-discovery and self-reflection. These programs are clearly not for everyone: most leadership teams prefer improvisation and action over reflection and self-awareness.

The enlightened teams I work with are willing to invest serious time and effort to increase their self-awareness, to sharpen their sense of purpose, and to build genuine trust, alignment, and operating discipline.

My interventions range from a punctual, single workshop, to a year-long program and more.

Seekers Retreat


In my Seekers Retreats, I regularly bring together small groups of like-minded leaders and active individuals who want to take a moment to pause, reflect, and recharge. Under the guidance of experienced coaches and yoga teachers, you will  alternate between individual and group practices, such as meditation, reflection and discussion, yoga, and trekking.

We host Seekers Retreats in several exclusive resorts around Southeast Asia. The retreats are by invitation only.

Key retreat ingredients: calm, silence, nature, reflection, meditation, and non-judgmental group support.